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Unlock new views of your data, clarity on your highest priority growth levers, and data-driven action plans from GTM strategy experts.

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A Complete Standardized

GTM Optimization Process

Data Preparation, Mapping & Validation

Receive all the requested data from CRM, validate the data, and build custom field mappings to standardize the data for our proprietary analysis.

Revenue Vitals – Standardized GTM & Marketing Performance Metrics

Standardize all your revenue data, calculate key marketing business metrics, benchmark against industry standards, and assess your overall performance. Repeat the process quarterly.

Pipeline Diagnostics – Holistic GTM Analytics Across All Pipeline Sources

Leverage proprietary automated analytics to audit all GTM motions in the same way across Website Declared-Intent, Low-Intent, Partner, Outbound, and Events/Field. This process shows you a completely different view of your data which identifies proven motions with high sales velocity and ROI and exposes inefficient programs.

Comprehensive Marketing Investment Analytics & Optimization

Analyze the current & historical investment allocation and compare it to our B2B benchmark data. We identify low-ROI programs and help you optimize your investment mix to increase marketing ROI. 

Strategic Recommendations & Prioritized Roadmap

Based on the findings, we deliver a report with strategic recommendations. The report includes a prioritized list of the highest priority growth levers, a 6-month implementation roadmap, budget allocation recommendations, and suggested process changes to support pipeline & revenue growth.

An Entirely New Way to Uncover, Validate, and Action on GTM Decisions

With the Passetto, your GTM gets smarter, faster. 

Proprietary analytics processes create new views of your data to uncover mission-critical insights. GTM Experts analyze the data to identify your highest priority levers for growth acceleration and ROI improvement. 

Our experts provide continuous support (advisory sessions) for you to action on the recommendations and have all the data & context to help. 

The quarterly cycles consistently inject new insights, cost-saving opportunities, process optimizations, and new data-driven strategies into your GTM engine. 

The outcome is fast compounding gains as we help you identify, prioritize, and take action on high-leverage growth opportunities.

Large Scale Data, Impactful Insights


in closed won revenue analyzed


pipeline inflation identified


in cost savings identified


in marketing budget analyzed

Immediate ROI

On average, our analytics identify 12% of Marketing program budgets that could be saved or reallocated without impacting pipeline creation. 

Strategic Clarity

Get a clear objective picture of your highest priority levers for growth and expert recommendations, backed by your own performance data. 

GTM Alignment &
Team Enablement

Implement, validate, and adopt enhanced GTM team KPIs that rapidly improve GTM team alignment and the end-to-end customer experience.

What You Get

Quarterly Revenue Diagnostic Report

Get a no-bs assessment of your GTM performance from experts who have analyzed hundreds of company’s CRM data. We celebrate where you’re doing well, and we are direct & honest about where you’re falling short.

CMO Advisory

Our most talented experts help you make strategic decisions with confidence & clarity using your own GTM data. You get to book unlimited advisory sessions with our experts.

Strategy Recommendations

Get clear early signals for where to focus & re-allocate investments. We identify high-priority growth levers based on an action plan based on your diagnostics report. Topics covered can include budget allocation, pipeline source & program mix, program strategy, segmentation priority, revenue operations needs, and measurement gaps.

Real Revenue Teams. Real Results.


Passetto is designed for B2B companies that are greater than $25m in revenue or spend $5m+/year in Marketing, and believe in making data-driven decisions.


Standardized Performance Metrics to Assess Current Performance

Performance Benchmarks Against Our Dataset of 30+ B2B Companies

Marketing Investment Analysis and Budget Allocation Recommendations

Identification & Prioritization of Key Strategic Initiatives

GTM Data Maturity Assessment & Action Plan

Unlimited 1:1 Executive Advisory Calls

Book a call with an expert to see if we’re the right partner to help you grow.